What We Do


We offer unlimited design styles, from bespoke, contemporary to traditional design within the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

Our priority is to listen to our client and provide the best service we can. We have an abundant knowledge of the latest products in the market and travel frequently for inspiration, new products and ideas. We can do as much or as little our clients require, from spatial planning in a new build through to the end of a project or simply planning and design for a particular room in the house.

The service includes the specification of all soft furnishings, accessories, furniture, flooring, lighting and installation. All design concepts will be included in an estimate. An appointed designer will look after you and walk you through a scheme, presenting mood boards and samples.

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The most important part of any project is the interior of commercial or residential spaces, where we spend most of our time.

Tareen and Tareen study the client’s lifestyle, function of space and create the right space that works.

We work with architects and developers to ensure every layout of a room is utilised to its full potential. We work for you and help spare you from unnecessary mistakes and expenses.

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If you need to make your terrace into a special place or create a stunning garden, Tareen and Tareen can design concepts, introduce the client to beautiful sculptures and innovative materials that can create a unique and beautiful place.

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We love a good party!

From helping with accessorising, floral decorations to entertainment, managing and hosting the event, Tareen and Tareen will always deliver.

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We can source investment properties, rent them out and manage them.

These properties are developed at a budget so you can get maximum rental yield.

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